Working With Our Four Legged Friends

pet grooming salon

Anyone looking to open a small business should consider venturing into the pet industry. A large portion of the population owns a pet, many own several. The income is very reliable, and unlike other businesses, even down turns in the economy do not affect profits as much because people still take care of their pets.

Finding the right location is very important. A space in a high traffic area can really boost the amount of clientele walking in the door. The proper location can sometimes do more than any amount of advertising. When doing the build out of the space be sure to make it pleasing to the eye. A light, welcoming atmosphere along with a great product will keep customers coming back. A contractor might be a necessity for any construction in the space. There are many online resources to help find a reliable contractor with reviews from their prior customers. If construction goes over budget there are a lot of small business loans available to give some much needed working capital to open the business.

Once the space is finished and all the licenses and insurance are in order, it is important to advertise. As soon as a business opens, there are advertisers crawling out of the woodwork to get money. Every other phone call seems to come from someone who has the perfect opportunity for your business to grow. A lot of these advertising opportunities will never reach the correct customers, make sure to research the numbers of the publication and the locality of its reach. Pet owners want a safe knowledgeable environment for their animals, it is imperative to hire experienced employees who can be trusted with these very important family members.

I have owned and operated a successful pet grooming salon for the last 10 years. I was lucky to find a space that had previously been a grooming salon, so transformation was easy. I had been a groomer for many years and the next step was to own my own business. As a mother of three, it is great to be able to set my own hours and have my children with me. Business has grown over the years, and I now have three groomers which will soon go to four later in the summer. I have found that having a competitive price comparable with other salons in the area is very important. The price coupled with having good experienced groomers is what keeps us busy year round.

Pet owners are very loyal, and if they like the result oftentimes they remain customers for life. Word of mouth spreads quickly through the pet community and I have found it to be the best advertising I have. Anyone who enjoys being around animals and is looking to start a business should seriously look into a small business in the pet industry, it can be extremely rewarding.

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