Five Ways to Hire and Keep the Best Employees

Five Ways to Hire and Keep the Best EmployeesBusiness owners frequently start out with one employee: the owner. As the business grows and the company flourishes, employees are needed to keep up with the growth. Good employees will grow the company even more, while bad employees will create harsh working conditions and impede growth. There are several things to consider when hiring employees and several more when trying to keep the best ones. Here is a list of the top five that business owners must consider to hire and keep the best of the best.

1. Background Checks

Business owners must do thorough background checks on all prospective employees. Keep in mind that in today‚Äôs world, a large majority of people will have something pop up in a background check. Good judgement must be used in these situations, as a common misdemeanor should never disqualify someone for employment. Ask questions and decide if the offenses have anything to do with the job in question. For example, a DUI has no bearing on a perspective employee’s ability to provide accounting services, while a theft offense does.

2. The Interview

Be aware that, during an interview, the prospective employee is most likely very nervous and may not be able to provide the correct answers to each and every question. Pay more attention to details, such as appearance. If the prospective employee has made the effort to dress well and conduct himself or herself in a professional manner, he or she is putting his or her best foot forward in an effort to impress. If, however, he or she has not bothered with grooming or professional attire, he or she has shown that he or she does not care to impress and probably does not really care about the job. This type of person will not care about the work he or she does and will be of no benefit to an employer.

3. The Resume

Whether an application or a resume is sent, be sure to read it completely and read between the lines. A prospective employee that has held several jobs over a short period of time will probably not stick around long if hired. A new employee is seeking a company that pays well and rewards according to his or her merit and he or she is doing this with a regular interval. People like this will do a good job as long as they are paid well for it. They generally stay at a company for a few years to gain advancement, training, and a better pay check. They leave when the rewards are not worth the effort they have put in. These people are really great employees because they will work as hard as they can to do the best job possible, but they will not stay unless they are treated accordingly.

4. Promotions

Employees that excel at their jobs deserve promotions. Business owners must recognize that the employees are helping the business to succeed and grow and should never be treated disrespectfully. Once a business reaches a point in which it needs employees to survive, it should value those employees that are doing just that. To retain employees, it is imperative that they must be recognized for their successes at a regular interval. The success of the employee is the success of the business.

5. Compensation

An employee takes a job to make money. That is the only real reason they are there. He or she needs a paycheck and is willing to work for someone else for that paycheck. A good employee will do the best job that he or she can and that is why should be paid accordingly. The success of all businesses depends mostly on the employees because they are the backbone of an organization. Most business owners do not like to believe it and they would rather think that they did it all themselves. That is not the reality of the situation. In the beginning, an entrepreneur does everything, but as the work increases, others must be hired to pick up the slack. If those employees do not perform well, contracts and customers will be lost, as well as money. If the employees do a great job, business will expand and the money will flow in. Taking care of employees is, sadly, often overlooked by owners who focus primarily on numbers and bank accounts. The employee is also looking at his bank account and if he is not paid as well as he believes he should be according to the standard of work that he is doing, the employee will leave and go elsewhere. It is imperative to compensate good employees and appreciate the fact that they are doing their best to help the business grow.

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